A present for the #bitsy Secret Santa 2020 for the excellent Che. Her prompts, somewhat against the letter of the "three words" rule but within the spirit, I guess, were "The Man", "The Myth", "The Legend".

As such, I decided to produce a biographical game based on Che's favourite musical star, Adam "Owl City" Young.  Now, I grant you, I didn't know that much about Owl City, but I think Che will be pleasantly surprised by the results of my painstaking research!

Use the arrow keys to navigate.

Built in Bitsy by Adam Le Doux.

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GenreInteractive Fiction
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Absolutely hilarious!


This is so late, but I absolutely love this and I appreciate how much research you put in to make it so accurate!!


completely BLINDSIDED by the ending, i am now on the floor, have a nice day


hahaha ducky!!! i feel like i don't know enough owl city songs for some of these jokes but this is so cute


I liked it. Could stand to be just a smidge sillier. Will wait for the error to be patched out.


very cute