An entry for #bitsyjam April 2018, on the theme of "cats", and one cat in particular. Use the arrow keys to navigate.

This panel will contain spoilers very shortly. Spoilers are coming! You've been warned! Spoility-spoilers!

Are ya done yet? Because I'm coming out, and if you do that again I will be so freaking nettled


Anyway, this was of course created with Bitsy by Adam Le Doux. Adam is also responsible for Bitsy Cat, who we all love dearly.

Title card font is BlackChancery by Doug Miles, free for commercial use.

Some graphics were done in Aseprite

But most importantly, here are the people that agreed to let Bitsy Cat wander through their games:

A Slime at Midnight by Em

Initiate by Brandon Thread

H E L L by onion

And Daily Quests by some schmuck

Thank you very much for your kind permission!

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withBitsy


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Hi, we love Bitsy, we love cats, that's why we made a Bitsy Event about cats on our YT-channel. In our video your game is the first. We really enjoyed it, especially the voice acting.

Nice! The ending is like inverse editor where the cat is the avatar and the human is the sprite!

Great game. The last interaction really made me laugh. Nice twist. 😁

Oh wow, this is amazing <3

This made my night! What a curious cat haha If I ever get a cat I will name it Bitsy 

I LOVE the way it sits down at the end! This made my day.


Haha "I'm a human"

Haha this is lovely!



uhhhh 1/10 bc how daaaree you badmouth the creator of daily quests!!! unforgivable offence!!!
BUT UM ACTUALLY I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!! also holy shit all the "fake" games look so good!! holy crap just SO GOOD!!! feeling real blessed right now~