It's time to help Fluffy Koala in his wonderful job at the Delicious Cake Café! Serve all the people of Animalville, meet happy creatures and electric robots, and make sure that your samurai sword is with you at all times in case dastardly ninja forces strike you wash your hands before handling the food!

Arrow keys to move.

Made with Bitsy by Adam Le Doux.

Graphics would have been impossible without Image-to-Bitsy by Ruin

The following Bitsy hacks from Sean's Bitsy hack repo were used:

  • End from Dialog
  • Exit from Dialog
  • Javascript Dialog

Sean also provided some invaluable coding advice in getting the music running.

Graphics were done in Aseprite and music in BeepBox.


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yay! days off are the best! thank you for making this! I really enjoyed it! <3<3<3

omg omg omg even tho i knew going in HOLY SHIT THIS IS SO GOOD!!! i love all the npcs and the art was soooo GOOD!! i love this so much! also they music is really nice to listen to!!

this is really good! You put so much personality into the characters with just a few lines each

Ha. Nice twist in there. Don't want to do any spoilers for others, but I really liked the switch in graphic style when the game changed. 😊

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My headcanon is that Fry Butterfly is known by close friends as Butterfry.

Also holy shit that was hilarious