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still one of the most iconic bitsy games in history

The amount of work you must have put into this game is incredible. My one complaint would be that movement is a little bit slow on mobile, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying this great game. (Also I noticed one typo - the guard on the right of the entrance to the castle says stricly instead of strictly).

How am I supposed to cross the barrier with a 5 member party? D: Is it just an inaccessible zone?

Yeah, I'm afraid it's just a throwaway gag. You don't have to worry about anything to do with the secret ending being hidden back there at least.

Are you just teasing? >_>"
The game was really entertaining, nevertheless. So much dialog and a lot of it was funny!


This is the most creative Bitsy game I've ever seen! Do you mind if I take sum of yur art for a game Im doing? It's an RPG

Sure, please attribute and link back to the game. When I get back from Rezzed I'll be cleaning the tileset up and releasing it separately in easy to import formats.

Thanks man!


THIS IS SO GOOD!!!!!! ITS SO AMAZING!!! ITS BEEN SO COOL SEEING UR WIPS FOR THIS GAME!!!!  and oh man this is so much fun!!! i'm really terrible at MMOs and stuff so this like rly makes me feel less of a noob and i really like the experience and just the chill nature of the game! honestly this is so huge and amazing and so many npcs and just its so believable to me! and just all the little details are soooooooo good!!!! honestly this is a huge blast!! its just so AMAZING!!!


I'm so amazed by how much care you put into this game. I mean there's like a hundred NPCs, all with their own unique dialogue. That's crazy! There's so much to praise about this game, I'm really impressed.