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GOOD NEWS: Haha, this is really great!  Loved the variety and abstractness and silliness and seriousness. Well done!

BAD NEWS: Accidentally stole a rare unicorn horn and now Imelda won't talk to me. <sniff>

how do you make 4 colors on 1 page. ive seen a few pages like that and idk how you did that

The answer and more can be found in the excellent Bitsy FAQ!

This was such fun to play through - so random! I loved the variety of rooms and little stories in them. :-)


Hmm. Absolutely <3 this to Bits(y). Can't believe I've been neglecting the  Discord!
Great job everyone. Thank you for making this.


Wow! This is amazing. I think I found/completed most of the hidden quests?? Thank you everyone for making!

Everybody did a great job. This was a fantastic project through and through.


feel so blessed this got made! thanks for organizing it <3 its sooooo great!!!




aaa this is so great!! i love it so much!! and thank you for letting me contribute!!