Explore the strange labyrinth with the arrow keys (or swipe on touchscreen mobile.)


  • The maze wraps round at the edges. Don't lose your bearings!
  • You start with 2 Bits, the currency of the Mystery Dungeon, in your pocket. More are available, as well as things to spend them on.
  • There's no overall "win state", although there are some hidden quests.


First and foremost - this game was made with Bitsy, the amazing editor by Adam LeDoux.

This game is the result of a massive collaboration on the amazing Bitsy Discord. 34 separate bitsyfolk each created a room. The project was built as an "exquisite corpse" - every room was constructed separately, and while variables were shared between participants to allow cross-room gameplay, the final layout of the maze was randomised.

Special thanks have to go to Ebeth, for their excellent help getting everything organised on the Discord, and of course to everyone's favourite creative vegetable onion, who produced all the amazing page art.

If you want to see what the next amazing thing we do is, join us on the Discord or visit the Bitsy Pieces Twitter!

ROOMS (in alphabetical order)

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(41 total ratings)
Made withAseprite, bitsy
TagsBitsy, Exploration
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Touchscreen


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this dungeon is very not coherent. no wonder it’s escaped by taking the ladder in the starting room. 😄


please, gently the kobolds



I absolutely love this!


I just spent an hour going through the dungeon haha. This is extremely creative! I'm glad so many talented people could come together to create something like this. It's inspiring!


GOOD NEWS: Haha, this is really great!  Loved the variety and abstractness and silliness and seriousness. Well done!

BAD NEWS: Accidentally stole a rare unicorn horn and now Imelda won't talk to me. <sniff>

how do you make 4 colors on 1 page. ive seen a few pages like that and idk how you did that


The answer and more can be found in the excellent Bitsy FAQ!


This was such fun to play through - so random! I loved the variety of rooms and little stories in them. :-)


Hmm. Absolutely <3 this to Bits(y). Can't believe I've been neglecting the  Discord!
Great job everyone. Thank you for making this.


Wow! This is amazing. I think I found/completed most of the hidden quests?? Thank you everyone for making!

Everybody did a great job. This was a fantastic project through and through.


feel so blessed this got made! thanks for organizing it <3 its sooooo great!!!




aaa this is so great!! i love it so much!! and thank you for letting me contribute!!