An entry for #bitsyjam March 2018, on the theme of "archaeology". Use the arrow keys to navigate.

This site is a completely real place, and is one of a number of Neolithic sites on Anglesey.  The carvings on the stones are older than the Great Pyramid of Giza. You can feel the weight of time resting on your shoulders.

Created with Bitsy by Adam Le Doux.

Title card font is BlackChancery by Doug Miles, free for commercial use.

Photo credit for title card and this page is me! 2014.

Made withBitsy


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i really enjoyed this :D i like the calm feeling of visiting a historic sight.. its such a nice virtual tour- its fun to read all the information and look at the rocks <3 (im totally the kind of person who likes to read all the info cards places have- which sucks bc my parents dont really do that so i dont always have a chance to read all of them bc i gotta go run catch up to them >.<)

Loved this reconstruction of a real site! Your approach was delightful and easy to navigate and understand. The stone art drawings were a lovely surprise. Nice work!

This was really interesting, and nicely done. I liked being able to look at the stones.

A nice visit! A britton myself I love all ancient ..."celtic" sites