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haha, great game! love the ending, thanks so much for making this (even if it's only a demo for a bitsy hack) :P  <3<3<3

How can I download the bitsymuse hack. I need to sign up for download it?

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Please can anyone answer me? I really like to try the hack, but I don't know how to use it. Please, anyone help me.



Sofa king awesome

It's a shame you just looped a few seconds of the ending, I actually was looking forward to hearing the song in its entirety


I despise you for that ending. Feel ashamed.

oops wrong .gif

goddamn IT

but ey at least good one tho

I un-ironically love that song! So fun! Nice work, as usual.

I didn't expect the ending xDDDD nice game!

This hack is fantastic, thank you so much for making it available!!!

It's definitely going in the Bitsy I'm working on at the moment.

I am super excited to see someone make something with this!

How'd you get all those colors on the screen?

You can add more colours to the palette in the game data rather than using the colour picker, and then add COL parameters to individual tiles/sprites to get them to use a non-standard colour.

lmao this is great! (now i actually gotta think abt music and sound.. dont i... oh no)

This is a really cool hack, and a great demonstration!


that hack is gonna be so handy!