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stomp stomp stomp

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This is so cool! How do you get extra colors for your games? I love the style it adds!

EDIT: Oh wait, I saw it in the description. Nevermind! Cool Game tho

Hi David, I'm currently working on a project for the British Library archiving British web-based interactive fiction and would love to include some of your pieces in the collection. Could you please email me at if you are interested? 





Duckyyyyy!!! This is so darling!!! 😭😭😭


Lovely! I love the whole little town you made, and all their reactions to the stompy incident both great and small!

Oh dear, the most important book was stolen from the library!

I like Daubry's theory about the GL. I just can't see that big ol' boi being all that mean!!

(special mention to onion for the stompy art: it is the greatest thing ever)


ah this was so sweet!!!! I loved all the characters and how they all helped eachother out  TT__TT


This is so good i love all these cool animals!!! I'm happy they all seem ok despite the stompy boi!